Fall Cabal: Unveiling Evil in High Places & The Plan to Liberate All of Humanity †

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On October 15th, 2020, YouTube took sweeping action across their platform, banning any accounts that discussed Qanon †


In effect, Alphabet >Google>YouTube have protected pedophiles. On the same day, Trump was asked in his "Town Hall" if he would denounce QAnon, which he did not do, he acted like he didn't know much about Q, and said that people who follow Q are focused on bringing justice to pedophiles, and he supports that as well. The Fall Cabal series was deleted from YouTube today (10/15th/2020), and a 10 part series was even mentioned on the mainstream media when they were discussing how people get lost in such ludicrous conspiracy theories such as Q. This was the inspiration for sharing this video that is hosted on Bitchute on Truth Uncensored, as it is one of the best documentaries of 2020 and clearly articulates all of the evidence backing the reality that a global satanic power structure has run our planet through blackmail and pedophelia for millennia. You will also learn in this 10 part series that justice is finally being served to these psychopathic elitists. Also, to see a first hand testimony of how child sacrifices are used to control people in the world of international finance, watch our previous broadcast from Ronald Bernard †

1324 Views 5 On 3 Ratings Rate it

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