Truth Broadcast #3 *{2/2/21}* How The Q Alliance & Trump Finished what JFK Started †

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In Part 1 we dive into a history lesson on God and our Constitutional Republic, we also explore the systemic degradation of our global financial system, alongside the destruction of American liberty, before God's resurrection of our Nation †

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In part 2 we take a deep dive into the actions that JFK took to dismantle the Federal Reserve banking cartel, which inevitable lead to his assassination on November 22nd, 1963, after which our banking insider also takes us through all of the actions that Trump has taken to fold the now bankrupt and defunct USA INCORPORATED into our newly Restored Republic †



In Part 3 we look at a prophetic Q post, as well as the evidence that when it comes to Biden's "presidency" we are in fact watching a show, with the military awaiting the perfect time to unveil this to the public †

Judy Byington's Intel Update:


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