Truth Broadcast #5 *{3/8/21}* Proof of The Irreversibility of COV-I.D. 19 mRNA Vaccines †

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Truth Broadcast #5:

Pt. 1/3 *{3/8/21}* The Impacts & Irreversibility of The COV-I.D. 19 mRNA Experiment †

In Part 1/3, we will look at a few updates on our Restored Republic, and then we will dive into one of the most important videos on the internet, with a relatively short clip from Brian Rose, Doctor Buttar, and a panel of 160 medical doctors, who agree that masks are detrimental to health, there is no reason to rush an experimental injection to market, and that these †ruths along with many others have been systematically suppressed by the Mockingbird media and Big Tech †

For the full roundtable on London Real, click here:

Dr. Buttar, Brian Rose & 160 Doctors Expose the COVID-19 Psyop from A-Z †

Enjoy the show †

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Truth Broadcast #5:

Pt. 2/3 *{3/11/21}* {M}RNA Spike-Protein Anti-Body & The Depopulation Agenda †

In Part 2, we dive into the simple and profound explanation of the {M}RNA spike protein anti-body dependent enhancement †

"It's an on button without an off button" ~ Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Join us on a microscopic ride through our biology, unveiling the depopulation agenda cloaked in Big Pharma and philanthropy †

To view the full video of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny:




Truth Broadcast #5:

Pt. 3/3 *{3/8/21}* Vaccine Hitmen Unveiled: Underbelly of The Pharmakos Empire †

In Part 3, you will find an eloquent summary of the COV-I.D. experimental injections, as well as a clear example of how the Big Pharma has scrubbed the deadly impacts of their injections through suppression and assassination †

To see this full video from The Blunt Truth:

To donate to Brandy Vaughan's Go Get Funding that she set up for her son and legacy, visit:

God Bless All Warriors of Truth †

1653 Views 4.44 On 9 Ratings Rate it

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