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In Part 1, we look at the the spike protein through the lens of Dr. Deep State and the Mockingbird media then contrast it to what Dr. Sherri Tenpenny lays out with clarity †

We learn how the spike protein has been scientifically shown to attack not only our immune system, but also the cells in the tissues of our brain †

We tie in a clip of Trump addressing Qanon, with the same Mockingbird media agent who was interviewing Dr. Deep State †

We end with the brutal truth that these vaccines are the mark, they are irreversible and alter our genetics for the remainder of our lives, a truth echoed by a myriad of medical doctors around the world †


In Part 1 you will learn the risks, then in Part 2 &3, we will see how the Pharmakos Empire of ritualistic human sacrifice connects both the vaccine agenda and the satanic ritual abuse (SRA) of our children, this is not for the faint of heart, put on the full armor of God & see the demonic agendas with clarity †

Enjoy the show †

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In Part 2, we will receive 27 testimonies form Medical Doctors and professionals who see through both the COV-I.D.-19 psyop, as well as the experimental vaccine agenda †

Then we receive a brief testimony from Dr. Simone Gold about censorship, lies from the media and the dangers of the experimental injection †

We will end with a introduction to a video with Dr. Carrie Madej, who lays out the nanotech and trans-humanist agenda for all to see †

Enjoy the show †

Truth Broadcast #3: Luciferase, FED Riots, ANTIFA, Trans-Humanism, Biden's Laptop & The Child Rape Slave Trade †

Weaving the needle through the Pharmakos Empire of ritualistic human sacrifice, we bridge the realms of vaccine injured children, and the Masonic child rape slave trade, before we dive into the horrors of Jimmy Saville, the Satanic 9th Circle, Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS) setting the stage for The Fall of The Cabal †

To see the full interview on the Eric Mataxas Show about Hunter Biden's laptop, what is on it, how the authorities handled the revelations, and how the media would not cover it because it was "too hot" †


Welcome to Part 4 of TB#6 : Pharmakos Unmasked :
"Saville, Satan, Amy Robach, "Katie Johnson" & Isaac Kappy" †

We will look at the beginning of a documentary about Jimmy Saville and the 9th Circle Satanic Cult, before looking at the role the Mockingbird Media has played in suppressing the unveiling of the pedophile blackmail networks that were used by the old world order to implement their demonic agenda on a global scale †

Full Saville Documentary:

Then, we will look at the Project Veritas footage of Amy Robach who was forced to suppress her story on Epstein †

We will then connect some important data pieces that show how Trump has been helping to bring down Epstein and his conspirators since 2009, with an interview from Brad Edwards who represented Epstein's survivors †

We will be looking at the allegations made against Trump by "Katie Johnson", and the connections between Lisa Bloom and Kathy Griffin †

We will end with a compilation of testimonies from Isaac Kappy, before he was murdered for shinning a light on these demonic schemes, and the rampant abuse of children that has run Hollywood †
Isaac Kappy : 43 minute video:

Brand New Tube Issac Kappy exposes Oprah:


In Part 5 of Truth Broadcast #6, we will continue our journey into the shadows of humanity, with more testimony from survivors of Satanic Ritualistic Abuse (SRA)

Find the Full Testimony of Anneka Lucas †
Part 1/4 † : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rX11JUxxtq4

The Queen and “royals” have been worse than we can imagine⏳

List of Justice for satanic pedophiles both Red & Blue Q's list †

Red Shoes full video:

Welcome to Part 6 of Truth Broadcast #6: Humanity's Dark Night of the Soul †

Anneke Lucas Part 1 of 4: Testimony of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) & Mind Control †

Cathy Obrien's Testimony on SRA and The Pedophile Blackmail Networks:

A testimony from the mother whose children were victims of satanic abuse, God bless our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, on this Friday of gratitude and remembrance of God's love for His creation to liberate us from our sin and fallen nature †

Sound of Freedom Trailer :

A testimony of Adrenochrome, Anthony Wiener's Laptop, Life Insurance, Frazzledrip, Awakening Humanity, Hollywood Horror Movies, Phoenician Bloodlines, Elitists secret syrum †

And We Know Rumble Channel :

Article on the death of 10 holistic doctors who were exposing the global corruption in the industries of poison packaged as medicine †

Dr. Andrew Moulden Suicided for exposing the poisons of the Pharmaceutical empire, and vaccine poison factories who have been hiding behind our corrupt DOJ for decades †

Vaccine injury documentary of testimonies from Doctors and mothers of vaccine injured children: Proof of Autism and Health Impacts from mercury disguised as thimerosal along with for https://rumble.com/vbavrb-shot-in-the-dark-2020.html

Welcome to Part 7 of Truth Broadcast #6, the final part of this Docuseries that is exposing the shadows of the Old World Power Structure, as well as all of the progress that the Army of God has made to bring down the Synagogue of Satan †

In part 7, we will look at a brief part of the Documentary "Fall Cabal", followed by testimony from Timothy Ballard of Operation Underground Railroad, who explains the importance of a border wall in preventing child sex trafficking †

Fall Cabal:

Tim Ballard's full testimony:

We then turn to President Trump, who shares about the horrors of child trafficking as well as detailing all that his administration has done to end this demonic activity, as his "administration is 100% committed to eradicating human trafficking from the Earth" †

Trump's full speech:

Gene Decode's Underground War Happening Now:

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Enjoy the show †

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  1. Kevin M Hayward

    April 5, 2021 at 3:59 am

    Today during prayer I was shown the number 1777. I looked up the meaning of this number in the bible. This number signifies the judgement.
    The judgement of mankind is coming.

  2. Nik Myles

    April 7, 2021 at 4:03 pm

    Yesterday, while driving north through Warm Springs, I drove by a free range pasture with four horses the three other fields with seven horses in each. I thought this was and odd thing. My personal street address # is 4777. In the Bible, the number 4777 signifies that we shall suffer together. Yesterday being April 6th. the day after being shown the number 1777 signifying the judgement.

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