Truth Broadcast #7 *{3/5/22}* God’s Plan, The Revelation of Christ Jesus & Liberation of The Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS) †

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Injection Updates:
Spike protein transmissibility via the bioweapon disguised as the experimental COV-I.D. injection, revealing the infertility and depopulation agenda†

Trump's Warp Speed explained in detail, the "shot" is Hydroxy Chloroquine or Ivermectin, and the "vaccine" was rolled out under Emergency Use Authorization so it cannot be mandated without violating the Nuremberg Code †

VAERS Reports of Miscarriages in Vaccinated Women: Baby Deaths VAERS †

Find the Testimonies of Miscarriages and Disrupted Cycles in non-vaccinated women showing the transmissibility of this bio-weapon on Kim Albert's Telegram or on her back up Instagram: TheAlbertsAuthentic †

"My people are destroyed for their lack of knowledge" -Hosea 4:6 †

Phil Schneider Full Testimony on DUMBS and the Demonic NWO Agenda: †

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Truth Broadcast #7 *{6/1/21}* Pt. 2: DUMBS, The Holy Spirit & The Liberation of God's Children †


TB#7 Part Two: on Rumble in full screen HD †

Recap: Spikes proteins, Warspeed & DUMBS †

Stillness in The Storm: Earthquakes and DUMBS †

Play 7 minutes of Phil after intro it is the perfect lead in †
God Bless Phil Schneider:

X files clip on the NWO takeover of America †

Jim Caviezel : DUMBS & Adrenochrome 23 Minutes †

Gene Decode Dumbs 70 Minutes †

Part 3: Coming 6/8/21 †

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Truth Broadcast #7 Part Three †

Truth Broadcast #7 Part Three †
Recap (Phil Schneider, The X-Files & Jim Caviezel)

Clip of Alien Replicant Vehicle (ARV) cloaking on the X-files

Carry over of Gene Decode:

Underground War Part 2:

DUMB Decode:

Underground War Part 7
Deep Underground Military Base operations to liberate children from demonic strongholds †

Lin Wood on Fire in Tulsa, OK calling out the Old World Order and puppet politicians for being involved in child sex trafficking †

HBO Q Intro †

Q The Plan to Save the World:

Truth Broadcast #7 Part 4:

Previously on Truth Uncensored reduce previous intro to under 70 seconds (MK-ultra bots activated with tower signals 6:09 minute, X-files Govt. destruction 12:17, Free Energy, Anti Gravity shots, For we wrestle not 20:13, China Lake Operation 23:55, Slave Monarch 25:34, DIA 27:26 bots overlay truth on NY Square, DIA lowest city is 22 miles in diameter, 88.3 miles deep, Gene's prayer 38:30, Lin Wood God of love and wrath † 40:04, 42:30 L Wood Study up about 41:20 adrenochrome, you don't love L Wood, you love the message of Lin Wood, because I tell the truth and you love the truth † 42:40 I'm not afraid to talk about it, and Q is the truth and this is about the truth, send it to Hollywood, Windsors, Bill Gates, I do not fear them at all, send it to the Vatican, send it to the politicians, the Clinton's, Obama's, Biden's, Bush's because they are involved in child sex trafficking, it's time to tell the truth to America, ask God for discernment, he will give it to you † 45:45 fight for those children † 46:43 We are not going to tolerate it, not in America † He is going to lift up his children and crush those Devil worshippers † Love the Children, Pray for the Children, send it up to Heaven †

DominionClassActions †


Shadiness out of Arizona

Bush Sr. Show the letters

McCain Tribunal

Clintons Military Tribunal †


In 1872, a Peyseur company, the Charleston, Cincinnati and Chicago Railroad, established a telegraph company called Western Union. It formed a subsidiary called AT and T in 1875 and today it is one of America’s biggest telephone and communication companies.
The Charleston, Cincinnati and Chicago Railroad company is the parent company for the Federal Reserve, the privately owned ‘central bank’ of the United States. The Peyseur empire became heavily involved in banking.

The Pallavicini's †

The main family names are:
• Orsini
• Breakspear
• Aldobrandini
• Farnese
• Somaglia

All controlled through the Jesuit Order and their Knights of Malta & Teutonic Knights all based in missile protected Borgo Santo Spirito in Rome Papal Bloodlines.

Pepe Orsini – Italy
Henry Breakspear – Macau, China

This is the true power finally. This is the Guelph and the Ghibelline power over mankind. The Cecil family were controlled by the powerful Jesuit family known as the Pallavicini. Maria Camilla Pallavicini is far more powerful than Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen and Prince Philip are totally subordinate to the Papal Bloodline the Breakspear Family and their Jesuit UK HQ at 114 Mount Street.

A study of who funded Elizabeth I with an astronomical amount of money to fight the Spanish shows that the funding entity was indeed the Pallavicini family bloodline. The most powerful man right now in the conspiracy over this World is a Roman by the name of PEPE ORSINI of the powerful Roman Papal Bloodline. The Orsini are also known as Orso and the ancient Maximus family.

Defender Europe 2020 †

Notes of first viewing 🏹🇺🇸⚔️

Link for Truth Archive Mel K on the Peyseurs and destruction of the old world order †

How Trump Dismantled the FED Banking Cartel and The Old World Order’s Empire †

The Peyseur Bloodline was above the Rothschilds, which even professional researchers have missed until recently. This video is a clear articulation of what has truly been happening in our world. Have you ever wondered who is above the Rothschild family in the all seeing eye pyramid? Learn the history of the Peyseur family, P = Peyseur, and the Act of 1871 created a second Constitution, which is a faux CONSTITUTION of UNITED STATES INCORPORATED. Our income taxes have only been going to paying the interest on the debt to the privately owned Federal Reserve Banking Cartel. What is NESARA/GESARA, and what do they mean for humanity?

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6/29/21 Special Truth Tuesday Previously on Truth Broadcast 7 Parts 1-4 and Preview of Part 5 †

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I encourage you all to pause the video and read when inspired, as there are several overlays at one time and there are great depths layered into this 34 minute Truth Broadcast Special Summary ⚡️
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Part 5:
Confessions of An Economic Hitman
God Bless Phil Schneider:
Sound of Freedom:


Lin Wood on Fire in at the Health and Freedom Conference in Tulsa, calling out the Old World Order and puppet politicians for being involved in child sex trafficking †

Link to Stillness in the Storm accessing your strawman
Stew Peter's Show †
Link to indictments:
Michael Jaco and Gene Decode 1:14 minutes †
Pastor Kevin sharing the power of Christ Jesus at Reach Church:
Judy Byington's Daily Update:
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