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This video marks the beginning of our new journey, and yesterday we just joined onto a class action lawsuit against the CEO's of Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook for deprivation of our 1st amendment rights. We negotiated with our hosting site yesterday and have the ability to add enough storage to hold 460GB worth of video content, and the ability to upload videos up to 5GB, which will allow us to upload short films and documentaries. Our intention is for our site to be a place where we host not only our videos, but also videos of trusted fellow journalists and professional researchers, so that we can all be inspired to share the hardest hitting truths without any concern that our projects and co-creations will be deleted by totalitarian big-tech conglomerates. We will keep everyone updated on our civil suit, and if anyone wishes to join in this Class Action lawsuit, text this number (718) 440-1080:

"Class Action

Cell phone number

Email Address

Home address

From there, you will receive further instructions.

Thank you all for being here, God bless you, God bless America, and God bless our Earth (†)

919 Views 4.75 On 8 Ratings Rate it

Written by truthuncensored